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for a stronger revenue MODEL
Value Proposition Designer specializing in Emergent Technologies
  • Develop the best Revenue Model that suit your Business Strategy.
  • ​Explore the potential of Emerging Technologies for your business. 
  • Learn how to discover innovative ways to succeed in your business.
"My mission is to help you develop strategic revenue streams to succeed and scale through best practices, communication campaigns and business development."
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Panel Moderator, Panel Judge, Public Speaker & my favorite, Fireside Chats
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Traveling the world facilitating events & Hackathons while sharing my Startup experiences and meeting new amazing people 
Speaking & Facilitating Events

MVNO World Congress 2019

Faciliated a Blockchain workshop & keynote speaker.

BlockAthon Ireland 2019

Facilitated Irish Government's first ever Hackathon.

MVNO Europe 2018

Faciliated a Blockchain workshop & keynote speaker.

Malta Blockchain Summit 2018

Organizing & facilitating the MBS Hackcathon.

Blockchain World Summit, London

Panel dicussing the social impact Blockchain doing in World.

Dublin Tech Summit

Moderating a Blockchain & Cryptocurrency discussion with Hashgraph, BTC, and Uniquely Wired speakers.

Blockshow Europe 2018

Blockchain Panel discussion and sat as a judge on the Blockshow Oscars.


Speaker at Mindtrek 2017 talk decentralized Economies and IoT.

Comtrade Hackathon

Speaking about the opportunities the Blockchain can do for the Aviation industry.
Find the Revenue Model that suits your Business...
Some of the key points I cover when we work your revenue model:
Team Assessment: How well does your team understand your customers' needs? Are they targeting the right audience? Does your team know the problem your solution is trying to solve?

Customer Validation: What have you done to get feedback from your buyers? Do you early adopters and can the help you rally more audience? 

Value Proposition: Who are your buyer personas? What is it they are looking to solve with your solution?

Some opportunity assessment questions to ask as a business:
  • Market: What are your customers' true pain points? Why do they need for your solution to solve their problems?
  •  Validation: Have you contacted your potential clients, partners, or users about your Startup solution?
  • Business Model: How strong is your Startup model structure? What are your business development & Customer Acquisition strategies?
  • Execution: What have you built so far? Has it been tested? Is it easy to understand?
  •  Team: The heart & brains of every Startup. How well are you all working together?
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"Since my passion is also in new technologies I had the opportunity to become a YouTube creator where I can share all the exciting new gadgets out there!"
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